Law Offices of Diana J. Basso

Fees & Contact Info

Law Offices of Diana J. Basso
76 West 85th St., Ste. #1E
New York, NY 10024
Tel: 917-992-2202 and Fax: 212-799-4742



Please note that Law Firm's past success is no guarantee of a future outcome.

Legal Services Hourly Rates, effective September 16, 2015:
  • Legal Services $500
  • Mediation Services $400
  • Introductory Interview -  1st time client $375
  • Simple Will/Healthcare Proxy Pkg.* $2000

*Simple Will Package includes Client interview, legal counsel, draft of will and health care proxy,
one round of edits, execution formalities and provision of original document plus two copies of final documents. 
Married couples and domestic partners seeking mirrored wills are extended a 20% discount.

All Legal Services Hourly Rates published on
impact current legal services agreements within 45 days from effective date
unless otherwise expressed in a signed rider agreement between Firm and Client. 

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